Free Site Spill Survey*

free site spill survey

Free site survey for your hazardous liquid storage*

During our free* site surveys we will assess your hazardous liquid storage areas, current mitigation measures and recommend proportionate control measures, where required, to mitigate the environmental and health and safety risks which your liquid storage pose.

Commonly recommended additional control measures include spill kits, spill stations, secondary containment and drain protection.

Benefits of our free* site survey include:

  • You will be provided a written report detailing recommended additional control measures
  • Completely free with no obligation to implement recommendations
  • Expert advice to ensure your site is adequately protected
  • Helps you to meet ISO 14001 requirements
  • Provides 3rd party validation
  • Can be used as evidence to external auditors e.g. ISO 14001 that a valid risk assessment has been conducted
  • We can undertake all common recommendations

*Free site survey offered at the discretion of the sales team and may not be available on all sites.

Extracts from Legislation and Guidance

Accident prevention and management plan

You need a plan for dealing with any incidents or events that could result in pollution.

The plan must identify potential accidents, e.g. equipment breakdowns, enforced shutdowns, fires, vandalism, flooding, or any other incident which causes an unexpected change to normal operations, e.g. bad weather.

For each potential incident, it must also state the:

  • likelihood of the accident happening
  • consequences of the accident happening
  • measures you’ll take to avoid the accident happening
  • measures you’ll take to minimise the impact if the accident does happen

Environment Agency guidance - Develop a management system: environmental permits

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