Bund Services

Bund Services Summary

At GPT we offer a vast range of services in order to provide a turnkey solution to your bunding and secondary containment requirements. We can offer services for the full life-cycle of your secondary containment assets to ensure you maximise their life span and ensure they are always operating as effectively as possible.

Bund Design

It is essential that when installing a bund/secondary containment it is fit for purpose and complies with relevant regulations such as the Oil Storage Regulations and CIRIA 736 (for COMAH sites). There are many aspects to consider when designing a bund to ensure it is adequate including size, capacity, dimensions, wall height, construction material, specialist linings/coatings, the requirement for automatic bund dewatering and the effective sealing of bund wall penetrations. We are specialists in designing effective and regulatory compliant bunds based on your site specific requirements. For smaller quantities it may be quicker, more flexible and more cost effective to install secondary containment systems to catch spills as opposed to installing a bund, in these situations we will recommend suitable systems to achieve regulatory compliance.

Bund Construction

Once you have a suitable bund design it is essential the construction is conducted to the highest standard by a contractor with a proven history of carrying out the relevant type of work. We are experienced in constructing brick built and reinforced concrete pour bunds of all shapes and sizes.

Bund Surveys and Bund Maintenance

Once you have designed and constructed adequate bunds it is essential that they are properly maintained to ensure they don't develop failures which prevent them from functioning properly or become non compliant due to the introduction of new legislation. We can conduct surveys to assess the on-going suitability and functionality of your bunds and produce a written report detailing the condition and suitability of your bunds. As well surveying we can also conduct maintenance visits to clean and clear your bunds to prevent its capacity from being displaced by debris and/or rainwater. We can also retrofit automatic bund dewatering devices where necessary to protect you from bund capacity being reached between maintenance visits.

Bund Repairs & Bund Relines

A bund can only be considered an effective system if it is watertight and resistant to the material it is designed to capture. If your bund has developed problems such as cracks, water leaching through joints/mortar and unsealed or poorly sealed pipe and cable penetrations we can offer repair and reline services to upgrade your bund to a watertight and effective system.

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