Emergency Chemical Spill Clean Up

chemical spill clean up

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Benefits of our chemical spill response Service include:

  • UK Spill Accredited
  • Over 20 years’ experience
  • Large range of specialist equipment
  • Trained and experienced responders
  • 24/7 call out
  • No retainer
  • Confined Space Entry & Breathing Apparatus trained responders
  • Can liaise with regulators on your behalf
  • Able to remove and dispose of hazardous waste

Chemical Spill Response

Chemical spills can pose significant health and safety risks, cause catastrophic damage to the environment and damage property.The pollution control hierarchy states that this is the order of prioritisation in the event of a spill.

Chemical Spill Health & Safety

Chemical spills can pose extreme health and safety hazards to personnel, clients and members of the public.In the event of a spill it is essential that a quick, thorough and safe clean-up is completed to remove any risk to human health.

All spill responses need to be completed in line with the risks the spill has caused, before commencing any response we will ensure our responders are protected against the spilled substance ensuring PPE and PRE are in line with the requirements stated in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

We will also ensure that any substances used in the clean-up are compatible with the spilled liquid ensuring we can undertake a thorough clean up and decontamination.

Certain chemicals can pose serious health hazards if they are not completely removed, following a thorough decontamination we can undertake validation sampling to confirm all residues have been removed and that the area is safe for re-entry.

Chemical spill environmental concerns

Chemicals have the capacity to cause devastation to the environment they are released into, even at low concentrations certain chemicals can be toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms for example ammonia can be fatal to fish at just 2 parts per million.

In the event of a spill it is essential that chemicals are prevented from entering controlled waters, this can be achieved by blocking drains and using containment devices such as booms.Unfortunately, unlike oil spills chemical spills can be impossible to contain in watercourses as they will mix with the water (as opposed to floating to the surface as oils do).

The environmental damage can be limited in a variety of ways such as re-oxygenating the water or neutralising the pH, but often chemical spills will cause environmental devastation before a response is conducted, ways in which chemical spills make watercourses toxic to aquatic organisms include:

  • pH changes
  • BOD changes (Biological Oxygen Demand)
  • COD changes (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Direct toxicity
  • Algal bloom

Chemical damage to property

Chemicals can cause severe damage to property; if they are not cleaned up quickly and effectively the damage can become worse.We can undertake a thorough decontamination to remove any remaining chemicals to limit the exposure time and reduce the extent of the damage.

Chemical Spill Testimonials

“GPT Environmental have provided essential services from Industrial Cleaning, Interceptor Servicing and Emergency spill response.

They always respond in record times and have worked with us to improve environmental compliance whilst reducing costs”

Environmental Engineer in Aerospace Manufacturing - COMAH site

Chemical Spill Response Case Studies

hydrochloric acid spill clean up case study

Extracts from legislation & guidance

"You’re responsible for preventing your business or organisation from causing or allowing pollution to happen. Pollution is when any substance that harms or could harm people or the environment gets into the air, water or ground."

Environment Agency guidance - Pollution prevention for businesses

"If you pollute, you could get an unlimited fine, go to prison for up to 5 years, or both. You may also have to pay for the whole cost of the clean-up."

Environment Agency guidance - Pollution prevention for businesses

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