Contaminated Land Services for Domestic Sites

contaminated land remediation on domestic sites

In the event of a pollution incident caused by a spill it is essential that a quick and effective response takes place. This is even more essential in the case of domestic pollution incidents where spills have a very personal effect on people’s lives. We are experienced in dealing with domestic spill remediation and the unique challenges it poses compared to a commercial remediation project. Some of the complexities we regularly face include access restrictions, working time restrictions and working around residents who are still living in the property. We have also faced more unusual complications e.g. designing bespoke remediation plans to avoid disrupting pet graves. We have been working with several national loss adjusters for over a decade and this has allowed us to build an experienced and highly qualified team who are sensitive to these types of issues.

Of course as well as working to ensure the customers are disrupted as little as possible it is also essential that the remediation is effective and economical. Our contaminated land specialists use a range of methodologies for both site investigation and remediation, allowing projects to be tailored to each individual incident. We have a strong working relationship with all relevant regulators including The Environment Agency, NRW and local authorities. Following any remediation project a validation report is produced confirming all contaminants have been removed and we employ a range of trades to reinstate the property to its original condition, or better.

Every project is conducted to balance the most cost effective option with the most sustainable remediation strategy. Wherever possible we will aim to reduce hazardous waste to landfill and this is generally the most cost effective solution as it avoids landfill tax. Our range of methodologies allows in situ remediation wherever this is a cost effective remediation strategy.

For insurers, risk appraisal is the critical decision making tool and the process should provide target levels that will, in turn, determine the level of costs at each site. The validity of the risk assessment is dependent upon good intrusive data and the risk profile for a site will usually be established through an iterative process where confidence levels improve with more data gained as work proceeds.

Remediation will normally follow a course of source and/or pathway removal and a whole series of technologies exist to adapt/combine to each particular scenario. The adopted remediation strategy will consider the target levels, physical environment and interests of all stakeholders.

At the end of the remediation phase, a validation exercise will be undertaken to ensure that specified targets have been achieved and this may require a period of monitoring.

On completion of works a letter of satisfaction will be sought from the insured and a report issued detailing all relevant information leading to closure at the site.

Domestic Contaminated Land Case Studies

bioremediation case study on a domestic property

Extracts from legislation and guidance

"Whether you own or occupy premises that have a domestic oil tank, you’re advised to check with your insurance company that you have adequate home insurance in place to cover costs associated with all aspects of the assessment and clean-up of a spill, and any consequences of migration of the spill."

SEPA guidance - How to deal with domestic oil spills

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