Environmental Permitting Applications

environmental permitting application

Environmental Permit Applications

Many industrial or commercial activities will require an environmental permit to protect against risk to the environment or human health.

We have vast experience in liaising with both Environmental Regulators and Local Authorities in order to obtain the relevant permits/exemptions for our clients. Our consultants have the experience to ensure any application submitted is sufficiently robust to make sure the permit is granted first time, as quickly as possible.

Environmental permit applications are not something which can be undertaken lightly and our team of environmental consultants are able to assist with all stages of the process. We can assist with standard or novel (bespoke) applications and can also make exemption applications for low risk activities.

Not all facilities will require an environmental permit, often for small scale low risk activities an exemption can be provided. However for the 9 classes of regulated facilities a permit will be required, the 9 classes of facility are:

  • an installation
  • mobile plant
  • a waste operation
  • a mining waste operation
  • a radioactive substances activity
  • a water discharge activity
  • a groundwater activity
  • a small waste incineration plant
  • a solvent emission activity

Depending on what type of application is required and where you are based you will have to apply to the relevant authorities. This may be the Environmental Regulator (EA, SEPA, NRW and NIEA) or the relevant “Local Authority”. If an operator chooses to follow standard rules in their operation then they can apply for a standard permit, however if their operation falls outside the standard rules they will have to submit a novel (bespoke) application.

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Extracts from legislation and guidance

"Some facilities could harm the environment or human health unless they are controlled. The environmental permitting regime requires operators to obtain permits for some facilities, to register others as exempt and provides for ongoing supervision by regulators. The aim of the regime is to:

  • protect the environment so that statutory and Government policy environmental targets and outcomes are achieved
  • deliver permitting and compliance with permits and certain environmental targets effectively and efficiently in a way that provides increased clarity and minimises the administrative burden on both the regulator and the operators
  • encourage regulators to promote best practice in the operation of facilities
  • continue to fully implement European legislation."

DEFRA - Environmental Permitting Guidance

"You may need an environmental permit if you do an activity that could:

  • pollute the air, water or land
  • increase flood risk
  • adversely affect land drainage

You are breaking the law if you operate without a permit when you should have one."

Environment Agency guidance - Check if you need an environmental permit

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