Draintector Drain Closure bladder

Drain Closure Device

The Draintector is a pollution containment device which can be used to seal off your drainage preventing pollution from leaving site. Spills, fires or high risk events e.g. fuel or chemical deliveries pose a major risk to the environment, by installing a Draintector you ensure you have the ability to quickly seal your drainage and prevent an environmental incident. It is installed in your drains at a critical compliance point and prevents pollutants from entering the local environment.

Pollution Containment Device Activation Methods

The Draintector can be activated manually, remotely or automatically.

Manually: Push a button on the control panel which is hard wired to the Draintector.

Remotely: Push a button on a control panel anywhere on site which connects to the Draintector via telemetry.

Automatic: Activation methods can be designed bespoke for most site specific needs, common automatic activations methods include oil sensors, pH sensors, lactometers, fire alarms and high/low water level alarms

Benefits of the Draintector include:

  • Quick installation with only minor civils work needed
  • Pressure monitor and reporting on every activation
  • Does not obstruct the normal flow of the drain
  • Can be installed on the inlet or outlet of a manhole chamber
  • Closes in a matter of seconds
  • Comes in a range of sizes to fit most drains
  • Mains or solar powered options available

  • Extracts from pollution control device legislation and guidance

    “Drain pipe seals

    Pipe seals can be used within a drainage system to prevent the escape of spillages from the temporary containment area, which can have the added advantage of using the pipe-full storage capacity of the pipe network.”

    Containment systems for the prevention of pollution (C736)

    “Shut-off valves and penstocks can isolate part or the whole of a site’s drainage system. They can help retain a spill on site…… They may be operated manually on site or triggered by automatic sensors.”

    Dealing with spills: PPG 22

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